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Here at The MentorMe Network, we believe that the world is only as great as the people in it. We are firm believers in changing the world and achieving this by investing in the lives of individuals; namely, through mentoring relationships… because… well, the world is only as great as the people in it.

Maximising potential through mentoring relationships.
Giving millennial females the right kind of attention, affirmation and advice.


Triple-A Power


Simply be a listening ear for the many worries that we as young women tend to have.


Encourage potential, affirm God-given identity whilst inspiring faith, value and purpose


Re-educate with virtuous and yet, relevant messages

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“A wise person once said – our fingerprints never leave the lives of the ones we’ve touched. Mentoring is all about lifetime impact. The relationship might not be for a lifetime but the impact should go on to last that long. I believe that we go through to get others through. Mentoring isn’t a good idea; for me, it’s a responsibility. I really love music and I also love ribena.”


I believe mentoring is the tool needed to reach the next generation. It’s a bridge where both parties learn and teach each other. Personally, I am a product of mentoring and the guidance I have received through such relationships has enhanced my entire life journey. I’m a big fan of travelling and I love popcorn.


“I have been privileged to be mentored by many great women. I believe mentorship is pouring your wisdom and experience into other people in the hope that they excel beyond where you have reached. I’m passionate about personal growth and emotional stability, hence why I love to mentor young women particularly in the areas of self-esteem and self-worth. I’m a fun-loving introvert and I love anything with a bow.”


“Being mentored by some really inspiring people and also having had the opportunity to mentor others, I have seen first-hand the great benefits and importance of having guidance and accountability. I’m very passionate about seeing young people fulfil their purpose in life and I relish the opportunity to share personal lessons learnt with young people to help raise powerhouses. I can speak Russian and I love spare ribs.”


In my personal journey, I’ve realised that life cannot be done alone; we really need each other (one of the reasons why I’m a part of The MentorMe Network!). I believe in sharing my struggles, wins and losses with others and being as open as I can about my journey. I believe there’s always someone to listen to and something to learn. The Legal Justice system is my thing but of course I love my TV shows too.”


From our Mentees

“She took me under her wing and allowed me to be vulnerable; nothing was too taboo to speak about. I was able to be real about situations; not hiding things away or acting like everything was fine. The MentorMe Network showed
me that I too could actually mentor others.”

I. E.

“My mentor is definitely the person I come to when I need to hear the truth – it might hurt but it sets me free. She’s been there watching me roller-coaster through life spiritually, mentally and physically. When it comes to
relationships, I don’t always feel like I have people who I can relate with but MentorMe is certainly different. I can always count on my mentor to pray for me even without asking for it.”

E. O.

“I’ve learnt and have grown in so many ways through The MentorMe Network. It has provided me with really great advice on relationships (with God and guys) and has definitely helped my character. My mentor has been there to offer guidance and support even in times of depression. In my mentor, I have truly found a therapist and a friend.”


“The MentorMe Network provided me with a mentor who carried an uncommon ability to listen to all of my issues, was so supportive whilst still being able to correct me where necessary. From just watching my mentor, I’ve learnt the beauty and power in employing respect, consistency and love at all times.”

C. A.