Who Are We?

Here at The MentorMe Network, we believe that the world is only as great as the people in it. We are firm believers in changing the world and achieving this by investing in the lives of individuals; namely, through mentoring relationships… because… well, the world is only as great as the people in it!

The key behind every successful person’s story?

Someone who genuinely cared about them, encouraged, listened, believed and invested in them (e.g. through time, advice, affirmation and attention) … that person is a mentor. Someone who was willing to share their wisdom, experiences and mistakes so another person could get through theirs or better still, avoid them.

And that’s what MentorMe is about!

We provide 1-to-1 mentoring, group mentoring, a prayer line, nuggets of encouragement and affirmation, regular social media updates, blogs, resource recommendations and so much more!


At MentorMe, our mission is simple.

We want to give young women the “attention, affirmation and advice” they’ve been looking for and finding in the wrong places. We aim to provide as many young ladies as possible with; someone they can look up to, receive good and godly direction from, someone who can help them along their journey of faith and also birth and maximise their God-given potential.


❤️ Trust – You can be rest assured that your communication with us will be kept in strict confidence. We cultivate and further enhance this process through transparency from our mentors to mentees.

❤️ Commitment – We’re 100% committed to see as many ladies in the MentorMe community be the best version of themselves and we’ll do all we can to achieve that. We’re committed to being a listening ear and we’re committed to you.

❤️ Faith – Good advice is good and being a good person is also good. However, we know that MentorMe is a God-inspired initiative and so, what we do is based on faith in Jesus Christ and ultimately becoming more like Him.

WHY MentorMe?

Even if you’re not a part of our community, we encourage everyone to find a mentor and become one. There are so many benefits!

• Growth, development and relationship
• Empowerment for independence and confidence
• Learning from the experiences of another
• Eye-opening/discovery
• Improves confidence
• Encourages reflection
• Talking therapy
• Channelling ideas/streamlining focus
• Encouragement & edification
• Maximising potential

At The MentorMe Network, we’re passionate about investing in the lives of our sisters. We take this as our God-given responsibility. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we believe in God who supplies all wisdom and expects us to help each other through our issues (and boy do we have a lot of them).

Our mentors encourage mentees to unburden and reveal only as much as they feel comfortable sharing. We’re intentional about creating a haven of trust and so, you can feel completely safe.

We encourage everyone to actively pursue a mentor (even if it’s not from MentorMe- but you’d seriously be missing out) and in turn, find others to mentor. We owe it to each other!

August 13, 2017