The necessity of female mentoring

Growing up as young ladies into women, we subtly exclaim this unspoken statement in our hearts- “Mentor Me!”
This statement means more than meets the eye. It’s a cry for help, attention, an embrace and recognition.

Sometimes this comes in the form of unnecessary relationships, negative attitudes,
identity crises, confusion, loudness, quietness, a very good disguise of concealing with concealer and a perfect shade of foundation in an attempt to mask a broken foundation (I really should be a spoken word artist or something, right?).

With a constant whirlwind of desires, feelings, thoughts and fears, we long for those who have gone ahead of us to walk beside us, hold our hands and help us navigate our way through this crazy thing called womanhood and more widely, life.

“Listen to me. Advise me. Encourage me. Correct me. I need your help.”

With social media, TV shows and ever-evolving trends and friends influencing and indirectly teaching us, there’s now a call more than ever for authentic, christian, female examples and mentors to provide and display the right kind of education.


“…We long for those who have gone ahead of us to walk beside us, hold our hands and help us navigate our way…”

“Entrust these teachings to reliable people who will also be able to teach others…” – 2 Timothy 2:2.

(God has already invested in us and often permitted certain experiences in our journeys -“teachings”- ahead of particular people – that we may be able to teach them).

“The older women must set an example…” – this is mentorship.

  • Must; connotes responsibility- it’s not a good idea but it’s a must.
  • Set an example; in deed/display, not just in word.

‘Older’ really just connotes advancement… wisdom… experience… being ahead in a journey but not necessarily having “made it” but having something of benefit to share that will edify another. And that’s one thing I believe God has been impressing on me recently- you don’t have to have “made it” or “have it altogether for you to be an example, encourage and mentor others- you have every ability you need in Me. I’m the Vine- you just branch out and I’ll supply the ability… as I mentor you, go mentor others”. It’s often said (and rightly so) that wisdom comes with age but you needn’t be old to have wisdom; just as (especially females) you needn’t be old to have experiences to share- can I get a witness?


Wisdom isn’t just gained by experience but wisdom is gained from an experienced shared.
They say, ‘experience is the best teacher’. So it follows that the best teachers share their experiences and the wisest students, learn from those experiences shared, and thus avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

We need our mothers… we need our big sisters… and our sister-girls to reach out to us…

We in turn need to be bold and intelligent enough (yes, it’s wisdom and not a weakness) to know we can greatly benefit from the assistance of a mentor. We then go on to mentor others.

We can’t complain about a generation and not do anything to fix it. #MentoringIsNecessary

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Funmi is the founder of 'The MentorMe Network' and has always been keen on fostering relationships that impact and sharpen. She is a graduate of Psychology with a real passion for encouraging and building people emotionally and spiritually; particularly, emerging, female adults. Mentor | Mentee | Writer | Christian | ServantLeader. Contact:


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  1. Great post! Don’t think I have considered the fact that the bible sees mentorship as a ‘must’ rather than ‘optional’. Thank for highlighting and this awesome site.

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